‘The Art of Making Choices’: Feldenkrais & Movement Improvisation

with Thomas Kampe

In this workshop we explore The Feldenkrais Method as a resource for wellbeing, creative play and dance skills development. We use of movement exploration, heightened sensation and awareness, floorwork, touch and structured improvisation as tools for finding freedom in our movement potential and creative agency.

We will explore the flexible movement potential of our torso to find ease, freedom and greater range in making choices.

The Feldenkrais Method offers an accessible and regenerative toolkit for movement learning, self-care and development of creative practice. In gentle and organic ways, it allows us to activate our attention, curiosity and play as tools for being with a complex world.

July 18 - July 24, 2021
Course Fee: 430 Euros
includes accommodation on the hayloft
Arrival at arlequi: July 17
Departure from arlequi July 25 in the morning