The WORKS - Making and Performing
with Julyen Hamilton

Personal technical investigations, simplifying the path towards movement skills. A deepening of the body in motion, focusing on its ability to direct energy. Making movement available to the body by the use of exercises and phrases concerned with form, space and rhythm.

Ways of expressing in movement our natural sense of the obvious and intuitive sense of the obscure within we enter and are brought to by improvising and clarifying any possible skills which might emerge from the individual.

June 13 - June 17, 2022

Julyen Hamilton teaches in English. 

more information on Julyens homepage.

Arrival on June 12 in the afternoon, Departure on June 18 in the morning.

Course Fee 325. €

Stay and accomodation at the House (hayloft) is free
For food please calculate approx. 17.-€ per day

This course is for very advanced and professional dancers only. Please send a description of your experience in dance prior to registering. Please do not send any money before you have been accepted for the course. Registration