States of Grace
CI, Contemplation & Composition

with Nancy Stark Smith & musician Mike Vargas
Mike Vargas and Nancy Stark Smith teaching at the Bates Dance Festival 2017, Lewiston, Maine. 
photo © Jonathan Hsu
Photo by Jonathan Hsu

A workshop for experienced contact improvisers that engages the full spectrum of dance improvisation work that Nancy and Mike are currently exploring using Contact Improvisation (CI) as a base. This includes CI technique and practice, improvisation scores (including the Underscore), compositional awareness (including Mike’s 86 Aspects of Composition), contemplation, discussion, jamming, and detailed listening practice.

Through our moving and observing, we will study physical and energetic changes in state, accidental (and deliberate) composition, presence, and relationship—in groups, solo, in and out of contact, with and without live music.

We’ll experiment with ways to tune our dancing and awareness so we can improvise more consistently with ease and clarity—embodied, articulate, generous, ready for CI and solo and group relationships, artful, and human. In the workshop we will also develop our listening, aiming to find varied relationships between what we hear and how we move.

Nancy’s longtime collaborator musician/composer/improviser Mike Vargas will contribute his music and his current research.

Please come prepared for intensive practice (6 hours daily) and a little bit of fun!

Nancy Stark Smith and Chris Aiken at Bates Dance Festival, Lewiston, Maine, July 2017.
photo © Jonathan Hsu Nancy Stark Smith and Yeong Wen Lee performing at Bates Dance Festival, Lewiston, Maine, July 2017.
photo © Jonathan Hsu
Photos by Jonathan Hsu
June 12 - June 19, 2019
Arrival June 11 in the afternoon, Departure June 20 in the morning
Course Fee: 535.– Euros
includes accommodation on the hayloft
For food please calculate approx. 17.-€ per day

The course is designed for people with intermediate/advanced level experience in contact improvisation. Please send a brief description of your background with CI and improvisation and your specific interest in this course. Please send directly to Nancy at contactq@aol.com.
The workshop will be taught in English. Some fluency (understanding and speaking) in English required.