Inertial wizard - use of physics for movement

with Barış Mıhçı

With this workshop I would like to invite you into an exploration of various physical laws that can be useful and help us to improve and integrate them into our dancing and movement practice. Questions of the relationship between mass and gravity, resistances to change state and other physical phenomenon will be examined under the light of practical applications. We will use our bodies as a composition of molecules that are governed under physical laws and look for ways how we can profit from them and create strategies to become more efficient with our energy use and exchange.

The practice of teaching is a very ancient one and serves to find ways for passing knowledge through time. I believe that we all inherit information that in combination reveales something new. In dance it's the moving bodies. When I watch class or my students I am trying to imagine what happens beyond the skin. How do the bones behave? What sensations are registered and what happens less consciously. I try to filter the information under different aspects and try to find a way to suggest orientation for attention or alternative pathways. In the same time it gives me a new perspectives for my own dancing as I try to feel into someone else's body. The Axis Syllabus is for me an informative pool of tips and tricks that provides flexible contexts and serves as an analytical platform for understanding movement. It provides the contents and gets newly defined each time when in use. So it develops as it's tested and applied. This lively dynamic is a pleasure to witness.

11. und 12 November, 2017
Course Fee: 140 Euros